Desyr: The Demon and The Lady.

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Desyr: The Demon and The Lady

Yuly Praetzun is a female human and Deraz Marzyn is a male demon. Both of them are in love with each other, however it is a forbidden love as many demons and humans don’t believe they can co-exist with each other. One night Yuly reveals to Deraz that she is pregnant. Instead of being full of joy, Deraz is full of grief. He explains to Yuly that human women who birth a child with demon blood will die. Instead of giving up the pregnancy, Yuly is adamant about keeping the child even if it will result in her death. Deraz decides to stay with Yuly until her death.






























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  1. Bryan Allgood says:

    Ok, well Ive heard about this soet of thing. This is the first hentai comic I have ever read. Quite interesting stuff, thank you. 🙏

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