Os Simptoons 31 (Portuguese) – Tufos.

PornComics “Os Simptoons 31”. Lisa and Maggie were walking in the city park and they suddenly really wanted to pee… Unfortunately for them, the public toilet was closed for repairs! The girls went to pee in the bushes, and thanks to a vigilant old lady who called the police, they were arrested for indecent behavior in a public...

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Os Simptoons 30 [Portuguese] – Tufos.

PornComics “Os Simptoons 30 – Putaria Na Rescaria” Bart and Homer invited Wilma and Tatty to go fishing. Thanks to the fact that Bart taught Wilma how to hold the rod properly, she caught a big fish very quickly. But Tatty never caught anything, so she started laughing at Homer and said that he was a bad teacher. And then the...

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