Breaking the Rules. Part 2.
porn comics parody

Breaking the Rules 2

The story in porn comics parody goes on. Tommy was enjoying time having sex with Wanda. She became extremely hot and was looking like a slut. But after boy found the paper from his mom. She sent babysitter Vicky to keep an eye on him. Timmy was afraid of that lady, but suddenly she appeared at home. Young, red headed and furious! She hated guy as well and punched him for every mistake. Stayed alive Timmy went to sleep, but Wanda noiseless appeared and fucked his dick during the sleeping. Godmother gathered all sperm into the glass, but Vicky came in. Fairytale had to disappear. Red headed found the glass and drank what was inside, considered that was a juice. Later she fell into sleep and Timmy decided to crawl between her legs…