Busted. Part 2.
3D porn comics

Busted 2

The story about Junior and his mom goes on. 3d porn comics now show us a new hero- father of family. He work a lot and tired always. Man was sitting with his wife, discussing their son, that made a woman terribly shiver. She was scared of that her husband knows about little secret between her and Junior. But nothing has happened, only boy called mom to help with a homework. Indeed he was horny and was waiting a woman. She began to suck his big dick, undressed till white lace panties. Suddenly father knocked the door. Mother was about to be caught but hid herself. Later in the evening happened the same. When father went to sleep the two lovers started to make sex. All of a sudden man entered, looking for his spectacles. Junior and mom hid themselves behind the sofa and continued hot action, finalized with fountain of warm white cumshot.